If you’ve ever read how to play casino Malaysia slot games, game guides, and reviews, then you’ve probably come across the English term RTP (Return To Player), which is usually represented as a percentage, so if you still don’t fully understand it, this is your lucky day.

In this article, we will explain in detail what RTP is, translated as “return to the player,” what it is for, how it affects the game, and how you can ensure that you will get more for your winbet2u online casino money when you play slot machines. In addition, we explore what a good return to the player can be, the meaning of the house edge, and how to know about all the terms so that everything works in your favor.

How to calculate the RTP?

The beauty of betting is in randomness, the idea that for your $ 100, you could win the $ 95 of 5 other players and win $ 475 is still attractive. RTP is the measure of all games played by all users grouped together. So, for example, if you take home $ 250 after a session of $ 10, you can’t calculate the RTP as 2500%, this only means that other players have probably experienced a lower RTP than promoted to cover your RTP.

In various percentages of return to the player, you could see that even good slot games can give different winnings each turn. In theory, the return should be the same as the one promoted in the game; however, in many cases, such information is not even given. What you can be sure of is that even slot machines with a high RTP give less than 100%.

Precise calculation of the RTP is quite difficult, you can make a rough calculation by having a record of all your bets and winnings in the slot, and this is because the theoretical payment is not counted in a specific number of spins and you cannot take also does not take into account the previous spins of other players.

To understand how to win in slot games, you simply have to remember the volatility types in these types of games. A good game is when betting on online casino games and return to the player are correlated.

Knowing how the player returns and what it is can give you a major advantage. So you know, if a game has a low player return, then it means that it is not a very lucrative game unless it has high volatility. These games pay a huge amount or, on the contrary, leave you with nothing. So you should be prepared to lose it all fast, and if you win, don’t rush to bet it again.

The games with the best returns have less volatility, so you may be wondering how to play in and win if they pay so little? It’s simple, just wait for the free spins rounds, it’s easy to do on small budgets due to frequent winnings, but don’t get carried away.

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